MobiWeb Ltd: Smart Authentication for Enhanced Online Experience

Alexander Spirotis, COO
Global business innovation has scaled greater heights, thanks to the advent of cutting-edge technology disruptions. With numerous business systems hosted in the cloud environment, the workforce of today is more confident about working remotely. However, on the flip side, these drastic changes in business operations are exposing the gaps in the current security practices. The archaic username and password mechanism for user authentication has time and again proven to fall short of meeting the expectations from the identity management and security perspectives. Moreover, bad actors are weaponizing the technology advancements to hurt businesses online. “Every year, businesses face fraud of $5 trillion in cost globally,” says Alexander Spirotis, COO of MobiWeb. Adding to the woes is the inclination of most companies to use complex security tactics, which require considerable resources, complex administration, and high cost.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, MobiWeb is emerging as the ideal identity and authentication management partner for companies worldwide. Leveraging its direct connections with telecommunication carriers and operators in the largest cloud data centers across the globe, MobiWeb provides two-factor authentication (2FA) solution driven by high-quality SMS messaging services. Through the solution, companies can use a combination of username, password, and a one-time password (OTP) to secure their systems. “We bring an additional layer of security check for all modes of communications, thus enabling a protected environment in a simple way for our clients,” says Spirotis. Regardless of their location and time-zone, clients can access their resources without any worry about the security breach.

With MobiWeb’s SMS Messaging functionality, enterprises can utilize SMS to send OTP to their users globally, reaching subscribers of 2,000 mobile network operators through a single API connection. This is ideal for enterprises that aim to have full control and flexibility over OTP generation and validation. On the other hand, MobiWeb’s OTP SMS is an end-to-end solution for OTP generation, delivery and validation.

We bring an additional layer of security check for all modes of communications, thus enabling a protected environment in a simple way for our clients

The company’s API allows enterprises to easily generate OTP and deliver it via SMS for user validation. During login, a user receives an OTP via SMS with an expiry time, so fraudsters will not have sufficient time to tamper the systems. MobiWeb has adopted the highest standards in developing its solutions. The OTP SMS generation functionality is based on IETF standard RFC 6238, which is the industry-backed standard for two-factor authentication.

Besides user authentication, MobiWeb’s solutions aid clients in authorizing financial transactions. Major financial institutions and banks based out of the Republic of Guinea and Chile are using MobiWeb’s 2FA API for added security during the authorization of users and transactions. This has led to more secure and smooth business operations as fraudulent events are being checked in a fool-proof manner. Impressed by the enhanced security layer for accessing online services, the clients’ customers welcomed the new measures taken by the service providers. Thus, MobiWeb’s solutions are a shot in the arm for global firms, enabling them to drive customer experience and loyalty.

For the future, MobiWeb is focused on developing a new platform and capability. MobiWeb Omni-Channel Platform eliminates SIM swapping by supporting OTP via multiple channels like Google RCS Messaging, Viber and WhatsApp. On the other hand, MobiWeb Anti-Sim Swap feature will allow businesses to check if a mobile number is SIM swapped before sending OTP SMS to the user. These new offerings will further enhance the security provided by two-factor authentication.

MobiWeb Ltd

Hong Kong

Alexander Spirotis, COO

Since its establishment in 1999, MobiWeb has been providing global SMS Messaging, Voice and Telecom Services for B2B, B2C and C2C mobile interaction. Headquartered in Hong Kong, MobiWeb has offices in Belize, Greece, Romania, Turkey and UK. MobiWeb’s international presence in 4 continents ensures client satisfaction covering local and international business needs through a wide range of high quality and easy-to-integrate solutions. Being a licensed MNO and Fixed Carrier in several countries with its own direct ss7 capabilities, MobiWeb is the ideal partner for companies that demand high quality SMS messaging services, meeting the most demanding enterprise requirements.

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